Hogger enamel pin

Hogger enamel pin

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January 2023 pin club pin : Hogger!

Show off your love for this scourge of Elwynn Forest with this 55mm tall pin, featuring black nickel plating and a charmingly menacing expression. With its unique details, it's sure to liven up any look! (Just don't let him out of your sight!)

Please note:
B-grade variants may have small barely noticeable defects like underfilled enamel or specs of dust.
C-Grade variants may have very small bits of missing enamel. Missing bits are often not noticeable on first glance.

If purchasing a B or C grade variant, exchanges and refunds are not accepted. Pins are sold as-is.

Each pin will be attached to a backing card and packaged.

Items are shipped in a padded envelope and all domestic US packages also include a tracking number.

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