Deluxe Dragon Ysera World of Warcraft Fantasy enamel pin

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These deluxe oversized fantasy Ysera pins are 4" tall, gold plated, with translucent enamel wings and screen printed details. One of my largest pins to date and a limited release! 

Only 150 were made, each are backed on a special backing card which is signed and numbered.


A note regarding grading:

Since these pins are handmade, all may have some sort of minor flaw. B and C grades are offered at a discount due to these flaws. Since these are discounted, there are no refunds or exchanges on these pins and they are sold as-is. Please see the photos included in this listing to familiarize yourself with the types of flaws that may be present.

A / Standard grades are the best of the batch but can have very minor unnoticeable flaws.

B Grade pins have 1 or 2 very minor flaws that may or may not be noticeable right away. These can include small light surface scratches, stray glitter specs in the enamel, or air bubbles in the wings. 

C Grade pins may have several flaws but I still consider them sellable. Defects can include, scratches in the enamel, overfilled enamel, air bubbles, dust specs in the enamel and other minor but noticeable flaws.


Colors might vary just a bit from your screen. 

All orders for this pin will be shipped out in a box for extra protection!


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